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Ever ask what should we do tonight?

There's Fate for that - an application that chooses what to do for the undecided... If you're alone, going on a date, in a group, or out with the family -- Fate suggests things you should do based on factors including, mood, age, relationship status, time, location, who, pets, etc. Complete with Facebook and Twitter integration to make your 'likes' work for you.

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    Can't decide what to do... Fate tells you what to do!

    How many times have you asked yourself or your friends, 'what should we do tonight?'

    Well, Fate can tell you what to do. Fate looks at multiple factors including your profile, your stats, your Facebook Profile, Likes, Checkins, and Status Updates, your Twitter Timeless, Tweets, and Re-Tweets, and your past answers -- all to give you a personalized response.

    To tune your results even further, you can give any result a + or a - to act as a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for future results. You can also remove activities from showing up in the future, if they're not available in your area or you don't have any interest in them. You can even create new activities and share them with your friends!

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    Fate works for Dates, Time Together, Family Time, and even Alone Time

    Fate works for all situations. Whether you're going on a Romantic First Date, or having a Night Out with the Girls, or Spending the Day with the Kids, or everyone's out of town and you have the Day to Yourself -- Fate works for you.

    Fate asks you questions regarding each situation. You can answer as many or as few as you like to get the perfect activity for you.

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    Fate uses your Online Personality via your Profile, Facebook, and Twitter to give you Personalized Responses

    Fate fully integrates with Facebook and Twitter. This gives Fate all your likes and favorite things, from which to make the best recommendations for you.

    This also means you can share your results. You can post to Facebook, tagging the friends in your group. You can Tweet to Twitter with your recommendation. You can even share new activities with friends. Have favorite local activities? Have an 'inside joke' to share? Go for it!

    Fate caches your data so you can even cash in on the power of your Online Personality when you're out of cell service.

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    Fate Securely Connects to Facebook and Twitter

    Fate secures your private information and lets you directly login to Facebook and Twitter. Fate never stores or even sees your login information.

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Download Fate App for Free:
Download Fate App for Free
Or, try the ad-free Fate App: